Welcome to HP’s Artwork Page

Newest arrival: page 16-17 from my Roman journal

My name is Maria Hagsten Michelsen aka HP. On this page I have collected  which has more than a 100 comics and artworks.

Dig into the post archive, which starts with the newest entries, or explore the thematic spheres:

A comic praising coffee by giving it a Greek mythical origin.Comics

A stick version of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus". Shows from the left: flying wind-gods, Venus and a nymph.Stick Versions

Portrait in pastelArtworks

Page from my personal travel journal, recorded while in Northern Spain. This one show Santiago de CompostelaTravel Journal

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  1. windhound says:

    Artists are never bored! Welcome to dragonshades. Love the drawing and the humour.

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