A Coruña

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Page from my personal travel journal, recorded while in Northern Spain. This one show visits A Coruña

Ever since we started our journey through Northern Spain, we had seen the name A Coruña on motorway signs, so we decided – half brainwashed to do so – to visit the city.

Driving in A Coruña is pure hell, but after an hour of teeth grinding frustration we finally found our Hotel, which luckily offered Parking. After 5 minuttes of power relaxation in our room, we went out to look at the city and – as usual – taste the local cuisine. First we tried out some items on a menu that we had no idea what was. Daring the unknown food items had until now only given us positive surprises, but this time we were not so lucky, since the dish was badly cooked pig’s ear. Horrible!

A walk in the city did not help on our mood, for this city does not have anything to offer that we hadn’t already seen better versions of in other cities on our journey. Mind you, we did not try to use their great beach, so maybe it’s a place more suited for a bathing holiday than an event holiday.

But all was not lost for our visit. Later that evening we found a charming restaurant, where we had some of the trips best tapas: beautiful croquettes and small fried squids. After that we continued in high spirit and found an excellent Pub called Cova Celtica, where we had the journeys first Guinness. The place also offered a homemade liqueur called “coffee”, which tasted like Kahlua. Plus they made a wonderful G&T with raspberries an a local Gin called Nordes. So although the city had disappointed us at first, we ended up with some more great memories of the culinary kind.

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