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One of the finest moments on our trip through Northern Spain was our stay at Cedeira. Before we arrived to the town we saw it from the surrounding hills and it looked so beautiful that we decided to stay over in there although it had not been the plan. It is a truly idyllic place with a great atmosphere and a myriad of tapas bars – although we ended up going for a steak instead, which was perfectly done.

Page from my personal travel journal, recorded while in Northern Spain. This one shows our stay in Cedeira.

After relaxing in the town for a few hours we headed out to the viewpoint San Andres de Teixido, to see the sunset. The landscape in this area feels almost Scottish, so no wonder people here feel connected with the celtic culture. Waiting for the sunset surrounded by mountains, green hills and the ocean, while wild horses passed by, felt mythical and those hours were my absolute favorite for the whole trip.

When we came back to the town the Celtic feel of the area continued. In the city square there was a cozy celtic festival with booths where you could by food, celtic outfits, armor etc. There was also a marvelous celtic band that moved around the market while playing on their weird looking instruments and creating the perfect atmosphere. We had kebabs, fries and a big jug of sangria from which we drank via straws.

All in all one of the most perfect holiday days in my life :)

When we woke the next morning, we were amazed to find that Cedeira had changed completely.

Page from my personal travel journal, recorded while in Northern Spain. This one shows entries about our stay in Cedeira and Oviedo.

 The river that ran through the town center, and which had given the most idyllic setting the day before, was now almost totally dried out. The rest of the town also seemed more dead. The most romantic and idyllic holiday spot has thus transform as in a fairy tale over night. So we recommend you visit this adorable place when the tide is right ;)

We drove on toward the east following the coast and came to Oviedo. A lovely city with a beautiful cathedral and lots of cider. They even have a cider street, that actually smells of cider, this is due to a tradition for the waiters to pour the beverage into the glass when the flask is held an arms length above the glass and while not looking at it – which does create quite a lot of spilling.

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