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The Journey Begins at Dawn
The Journey Begins at Dawn
Bedtime story
Bedtime story
An animated gif showing bootstrapping as in "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps". But well, I do not have bootstraps in my boots, so in this cartoon the shoelaces are used instead ;)
Bootstrapping (but with shoelaces)
A Comic Strip about having the chronic condition Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome also known as POTS.
I have POTS
A comic showing PoTS symptoms
POTS Symptoms part 2
A comic showing PoTS symptoms
POTS Symptoms part 1
A comic praising coffee by giving it a Greek mythical origin.
Liquid Wonder
HP Comic: "Communication nr. 2". Two people are talking. One of them talks a lot, sounds like a sheep and won't let the other one say anything. In the end the other person interrupts with one big baa.
Comic about there being Three Kinds of People: those that think the glass is half full, those that think it is half empty, and those who don't believe in transparent containers.
Three Kinds of People
A comic about how overwhelming it can be when one person talks continuously without end.
Communication Breakdown
Drawings of a stick person standing in different positions.
A Study of Stick People
A comic about what it would look like if a stick person had facial features, i.e. he would look like Mr. Potato Man.
Facial Features
A comic with a stick person, a stick nut and the stick devil moving boxes together.
Moving Day
A translation of Villy Sørensen's short story Længdespringeren illustrated by HP.
Villy Sørensen’s “The Long Jump”
A comic about when people say they understand something that they can't possibly understand unless they tried it as well, like being terminally ill or having a fish eating your head.
A comic about writing a thesis. A stick person starts out with an idea for a thesis, she then does research and goes to the library to collect books for the project. After pulling a cart full of books home she starts to build a wall of books instead of doing work on the thesis.
Working on the Thesis
Comic: "In a world where everyone wears antlers ... there's nothing special about being a moose."
A comic in which a stick person points out that no one seems to have noticed that all stick people are naked, and then the censor starts.
HP Comic: "City Running". A comic about how there has become to many runners in the city.
Urban Running

A comic about wanting only to be clever.

HP Comic: Zen. A Zen master gives his pupil a task: look at the apple and become one with the apple. The pupil stare at the apple for a long time then he screams: "Arghhh, I'm being eaten by a worm". The Zen master returns and finds the pupil dead. The Zen master sneaks away. Drawing: black and white. Copyright: Maria Hagsten Pedersen
HP Comic: May Contain a Trace of Nuts. Shows two nuts walking in flour leaving behind them a trace. Drawing, black and white.
May contain a trace of Nuts
HP Comic: Hanged in There. Shows a hanger on a clothes rail.
Hang(ing) in There
HP Comic: Fall. About winter-depression being like falling into a deep, dark crater. Drawing, black and white.
The Fall
About the troublesome reading of T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and the line "like a patient etherised upon a table". HP Comic. Drawing. Black and white.
Reading Prufrock
A comic about the danger of wishing to hide in a bubble.
Bubble Life
Signs that you are losing grip on reality: The loony way: thinking you are a bumblebee. The psychopatic way: Thinking that if you kill all humans, they will love you. The Academic way: Chosing to focus on a dead genre and a dead language, aka a latin epos.
A stickperson is listening to Queen's "I Want To Break Free" while at work, and he starts to sing along. He then dance out of the office while singing the text to his coworkers. When outside he realises what he has done. He has unexpectedly and unplaned quit his job. Drawing, black and white. HP Comic
I Want to Break Free

Stick person A complains to Stick Person B that nobody had told him, that he mispronounce the word "cat". He wishes that people were more honest, so that one could improve oneself. Stick person B then starts telling A some of the things that's wrong with A. In the end A becomes so mad that he stabs B with a sword. B's dying words are "Honesty, my ass!". Drawing, black and white. HP comic.

Tells the story of Cinderella, who prays the Fairy Godmother for help. After a dream she believes a miracle has happened, and sees her old rags as a ballgown. She goes to the ball in these rags, and makes the prince confused. Her two evil stepsisters impress the prince with there willingness to sacrifice themselves, and he makes one his wife and the other Prime Minister. Meanwhile Cinderella is locked up in an asylum, where she still dreams of miracles. Drawing, black and white. HP Comic.
Alternative Cinderella
A skeleton is pointing to a stick person and says: "How the hell am I going to fit into THAT".
A Fitting Problem
A comic about Historical hats that shouldn't get a Renaissance" The picture shows a varaity of hats from the renaissance including the pope's mitre.
Silly Hats that will not get a renaissance
A comic about how the hardest times can make you feel like killing everyone around you, but with the twist that the hardest times in this case was just waiting for an Apple delivery.
A comic showing the irony of wellness. A stick person is doing yoga for a long time, but then ends up eating junk food afterwards.
This comic shows a stick person on steroids ie. a stick person with muscles.
Stick Man on Steroids
A Comic about how shopping in Ikea is like a roller coaster ride.
The IKEA Roller coaster
Non Sum Qualis Eram
Non Sum Qualis Eram
Comic inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Tell Telling Heart
A Comic of what the dictators followers will do after his death to keep up appearances.
The Death of the Dictator
A Comic about the need after too much work to escape to the countryside and scream.
Frustration Relief
Comic about why Smileys never really caught on in the World of Stick People.
Stick World Emoticons
A comic showing that when in surgery stick persons are like the Tardis from Doctor Who, they are bigger on the inside.
Bigger on the Inside
A comic showing that the reason evolution doesn't happen anymore is humans reaction towards animals.
Why Evolution doesn’t Happen Anymore

Comics by Maria Michelsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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