Moving Day

A comic with a stick person, a stick nut and the stick devil moving boxes together.

Non Sum Qualis Eram – The Movie

Created a 2D animation video of a devil crawling out of a stick person inspired by the latin phrase “non sum qualis eram” meaning I’m not what I used to be.

Stick Devil Dance

I tried fiddling with 2D animation and it resultet in a short film with my favorite character the Stick Devil dancing to Mozart’s “Dies Irae” from Requiem.

Knight, Death and the Devil

A stick version of Albrecht Dürer’s “Knight, Death and the Devil”.

A stick version of Albrecht Dürer's "Knight, Death and the Devil."

Non Sum Qualis Eram

Comic about becoming someone else inspired by the latin saying "non sum qualis eram" meaning I'm not who I used to be.This was later made into a short 2D animation movie, watch it on YouTube.