Self Portrait 

SF 2016, Spread 46-48

SF 2016, Spread 44-45

A Study of My Foot

Red Masked Parakeet

SF 2016, Spread 34-35

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 20-21

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 18-19

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 17

Torso of Diomedes

  I made this drawing while practicing getting the proportions right in drawings. It’s based on a statue of the torso of Diomedes (see photo Torso of Diomedes) and is drawn with […]

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 12-13

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 9-11

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 7

San Francisco 2016 – Travel Journal Spread 1-6

Sketch of a Statue


Bird Creature

Little Hornblower

Herluf the Spotted Nutcracker

Drawing Free 4


Drawing Free 3


Drawing Free 1

Behind the drawing There is a short story behind this abstract drawing. I work at a large publishing house, and we are now closing down a book archive. Most of […]



Bells and Glass Beads


Memoria di Roma

Rome 2014 – Page 14-15

Day 7 (continued from here) We reached Forum Romanum early Saturday morning, but it was already steaming hot in the sun. Forum Romanum and Palatino was amazing, but it is so hard to […]

Rome 2014 – Page 12-13

Day 6 (continued from here) After a day of relaxation and a long rest at the B&B, we went out into the streets of Rome in the evening. Our landlady had […]

Rome 2014 – Page 10 -11

Day 5 (continued from here) It was late afternoon on our 5th day in Rome, and we were heading back into the center of Rome, after a busy day visiting both the […]

Rome 2014 – Page 8-9

Day 4 (continued from here) We had lunch at Alfredo e Ada, the most adorable trattoria I think you can find in Centro Storico. There was no menu, the elderly waiter (Alfredo […]

Rome 2014 – Page 6-7

Day 4 (continued from here) On Wednesday morning, we wanted a more relaxed day after the whole ordeal of both Vatican City and Trastevere. Only one thing was a must that day, […]

Rome 2014 – Page 4-5

Day 3 (continued from here) We were two exhausted travelers when we stumbled out of the Vatican around noon on Tuesday. We headed for Pizzarium at Via della Meloria 43, which is a little […]

The Creation – from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Examining Hands

A Study of Stick People

As a rule of thumb the human body can be measured as 7 1/2 head high (the 1/2 being the feet). When drawing a stick version of a human I prefer […]

Hamlet – the End

Hamlet: O! I die, Horatio ; The potent poison quite o’er-crows my spirit : I cannot live to hear the news from England ; But I do prophesy the election lights […]

Alas Poor Yorick

Hamlet: Whose was it? Gravedigger: A whoreson mad fellow’s it was : whose do you think it was? Hamlet: Nay, I know not. Gravedigger: A pestilence on him for a […]

The Death of Ophelia

Queen: One woe doth tread upon another’s heel So fast they follow. – Your sister’s drown’s, Laertes. Laertes: Drown’d! – O, where? Queen: There is a willow grows aslant a brook, That shows […]

Portrait of a Man