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Holiday Activities

Dreaming of Columns

Rome 2014 – Page 16-17

Day 7 (continued from here) After our visit to the Capitoline Museum, it was late afternoon. We had booked tickets for a tour of the Colosseum at night, so we now […]

Rome 2014 – Page 14-15

Day 7 (continued from here) We reached Forum Romanum early Saturday morning, but it was already steaming hot in the sun. Forum Romanum and Palatino was amazing, but it is so hard to […]

Rome 2014 – Page 12-13

Day 6 (continued from here) After a day of relaxation and a long rest at the B&B, we went out into the streets of Rome in the evening. Our landlady had […]

Rome 2014 – Page 8-9

Day 4 (continued from here) We had lunch at Alfredo e Ada, the most adorable trattoria I think you can find in Centro Storico. There was no menu, the elderly waiter (Alfredo […]

Rome 2014 – Page 6-7

Day 4 (continued from here) On Wednesday morning, we wanted a more relaxed day after the whole ordeal of both Vatican City and Trastevere. Only one thing was a must that day, […]

Rome 2014 – Page 4-5

Day 3 (continued from here) We were two exhausted travelers when we stumbled out of the Vatican around noon on Tuesday. We headed for Pizzarium at Via della Meloria 43, which is a little […]

Rome 2014 – Page 2-3

Day 2 (continued from here) After we had studied Piazza del Popolo for a little while, we went up to the Pincio Hill Garden to have our first glimpse of […]

Rome 2014 – Page 1

The wedding and the first night in Rome On the 1st of June 2013 – our anniversary of meeting each other – my boyfriend proposed to me on the top of the […]

Vuelta a Burgos & Mirador de la Galiana

Pages from the Travel Journal On our way from San Sebastian to El Burgo de Osma our car was pulled aside by the police along with many other cars. Confused […]

San Sebastian

Pages from the Travel Journal Arriving in San Sebastian was like Bilbao a bit of a hassle, since the traffic was terrible, but as soon as the car was parked […]

Guggenheim in Bilbao

Pages from the Travel Journal On our way through Northern Spain we stopped by  Bilbao to see the Guggenheim Museum. It was throughly hell to find our way through the […]

Cedeira & Oviedo

Pages from the Travel Journal One of the finest moments on our trip through Northern Spain was our stay at Cedeira. Before we arrived to the town we saw it […]

New York 2013 – Holiday Day 2

Pages from the Travel Journal

A Coruña

Pages from the Travel Journal Ever since we started our journey through Northern Spain, we had seen the name A Coruña on motorway signs, so we decided – half brainwashed […]

Santiago de Compostela

Pages from the Travel Journal We enjoyed the atmosphere of celebration and relaxation that filled the streets of this odd and charming city of Santiago de Compostela. The Hostal dos […]

Villafranca del Bierzo

Pages from the Travel Journal Brandy-tasting in the small mountain town Villafranca del Bierzo in Northern Spain. A few American pilgrims with swollen feet were taking a rest in the […]