Vuelta a Burgos & Mirador de la Galiana

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Page from my personal travel journal, recorded while in Northern Spain. This one shows when we passed by the Vuelta a Burgus bike race and when we visited Mirador de la Galiana

On our way from San Sebastian to El Burgo de Osma our car was pulled aside by the police along with many other cars. Confused we stepped out of the vehicle and walked around among the other confused bystanders. Then we saw something approaching in the distance. First came car after car packed with bike gear. Then a cheese commercial vehicle playing tunes. And then finally we saw group after group of bicycle racers. It was the Vuelto a Burgo driving by.

When the bicycle race had passed we drove on and came to the amazing Mirador de la Galiana, where we marveled at the view over the Cañón del Rio Lobos and the many vultures and ravens soaring through the air.

El Burgo de Osma was another spanish gem. Great town, beautiful setting and lovely atmosphere. Apart from enjoying the towns historic sites, we also went shopping for an iberico ham to take home, settling for a prime specimen bought in a local meat shop. We named it Osma after the town.

It was the trips last stay so we felt that the stay had to be grand, so we had dinner at a local high end restaurant, Virrey Palafox, where I had one of the most beautiful Beef Wellingtons in my life. Then an evening stroll in the town and ending with cigar and red whine at the town square while watching the locals enjoying the coolness of the night.

And then it was back to Copenhagen with a hoof sticking out of our baggage ;)

Vuelta a Burgos & Mirador de la Galiana by Maria Michelsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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